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This is just a sampling of the positive feedback we've received. Thanks to all of our customers who have been so wonderful to meet and work with. We'll always try to earn your respect and keep our service up to your high standards!

These guys understand what 'customer service' means! I've been to a few of the big-boy server farms, and suffered. With hostito, not only do I get great pipe, but a human being on the other end -- one who is knowledgeable, and does not presume I'm an idiot who has the communications skills of a distracted eighth grader -- no, Hostito is professional, knowledgeable,and, they return phone calls (imagine that!). Hands down, they're tops in all categories in my book.
Dana Lewis, Metalog Group

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for hosting my sites. The first two months have been going great, and it has already made my life so much easier to be able to rely on your service. I am just really glad it has all worked out so well.
Seth Rosenblum, SDR Consulting

I find myself very fortunate to have met you. With all the other companies I have to deal with in getting support for my clients, I've always been made to feel that I was bothering them with my questions. I don't have to feel that way with you. You enjoy helping me with my questions and concerns. If you treat all your customers that way you treat me, which I'm sure you do, you will definitely go far. Thank you for everything.
Katrina Cornell, Rainbow Valley Site Design

They really care about what I want. When I ask for something, they are patient and I don't even know about any stuff. But they try to help me understand and explain to me. I'm glad to join
Moonhee Kim,

I am a current customer and have been for several months however previously I was using another hosting company for over 3 years for all of my client sites. I have never been happier and had more peace of mind than now since I moved to Hostito. Not that the other service was so bad but the appreciation that I get from the support team at Hostito and the service is outstanding. I wish them much success as they grow and they will.
Kenneth Summerville,

I used to have a different provider when I met with They have offered me a wonderful package which was the most competitive in the market. Price was not the most important factor for me, support was. That's the reason why I switched to Their support people are wonderful. They listen and they help. In a personalised way. I would recommend to everybody.
Cihan Cobanoglu,

Hostito goes above and beyond the call of duty. Their senior Admins have worked weekends on their own time to help me set up for streaming quicktime. They are very helpful and go of their way to help in everything we need for our site.
Bob Gould,

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