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Basic Hosting includes all the features you need to get your web site hosted powerfully and easily. The main features are:

6 Gigabytes of Disk Space
Lots of space for your entire web site, including images and e-mail.

Unlimited Data Transfer
Sufficient to handle thousands of visitors to your site every month.

Unlimited Domains
Host multiple independent web sites under the same account.

Unlimited Subdomains
Add,, or any other subdomain you choose.

Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Add, delete, and modify your own e-mail accounts conveniently and easily at your control panel. Webmail is included on all accounts!

Unlimited FTP Accounts
Allow users to upload and download files from your site 24 hours a day. Extremely convenient for giving access to your site to clients, friends, and others.

Unlimited E-mail Lists
An e-mail list is perfect for newsletters, site updates, or just keeping in touch with your site's members.

Unlimited MySQL Databases
Databases are handy for storing information, whether it's your client list, a picture gallery, or the contents of your web site's forum.

See Hosting Features for a complete list of features included for no extra charge, including multimedia, e-commerce, 24-hour support, and more!

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.com .net .org
.biz .us .info

Web-based e-mail, 24/7 FTP, cgi-bin, CGI, Perl, PHP, SSI, Junk e-mail filtering, Secure URL, Web stats and more.    Hosting Features >>
Great prices backed by convenient add-ons for customizing and enhancing your web hosting plan.   Hosting Prices >>
Give us a call at 1-888-HOSTITO, e-mail us at, or take a look at our FAQ.   Frequently Asked Questions >>